The citypass turned out to be a great idea

My lady in addition to I picked up a lot of great deals on recreational marijuana supplies

My lady in addition to I decided to spend the weekend in Seattle, the people I was with and I live in WA, however every one of us have never visited Seattle… It’s about a four-hour drive from our residence in Spokane. When my lady mentioned going to Seattle for the weekend, I was pretty excited. I have to admit that Seattle might seem boring to some people, however I have never been to various sites at all, but one of the sites that I wanted to visit was the Seattle Space Needle. I saw a hundred pictures of the Seattle Space Needle in addition to I wanted to sit on top of the observation deck in addition to look at the whole city. I also wanted to visit the Seattle Great Wheel. The Great Wheel is near the Waterfront in addition to it is an iconic Ferris wheel that overlooks the Seattle skyline, a lot of sites we are booked up on that weekend, however every one of us decided to buy a CityPASS. The Seattle CityPASS is a actually neat ticket. Allows you to see various Seattle attractions for a single low price, however my lady in addition to I visited the Space Needle, the aquarium, in addition to The Museum of pop culture for the same low price. While every one of us were in Seattle, every one of us visited a couple of recreational dispensaries, then seattle prices on marijuana are a lot cheaper than the prices in the city where every one of us live. My lady in addition to I picked up a lot of great deals on recreational marijuana supplies. I felt great about our trip in addition to all of the souvenirs every one of us brought back at the end of the weekend. I would totally visit Seattle again.

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