It’s exciting to go to the 16th Street Mall in Denver

At a little over 1 ¼ miles long, the 16th Street Mall is a pedestrian area for folks in downtown Denver to visit.

If you don’t have the desire to have to walk all that distance, there are eco-friendly bus shuttles that regularly go back and forth up and down the promenade! Getting on and off is easy to do when you see the store you are hoping to try. Even though it is a relatively limited space, there are approximately 250 stores situated along the promenade of the 16th street mall. Lest you suppose your only opportunity is to shop, though, don’t think about it too much. There are other things I enjoy at this mall. There are a couple of smoke shops where you can actually get your paraphernalia; marijuana is legal in Denver. You can stop for some good food at a single one of the delicious eating establishments that calls the mall home. Got the little guys with you? Why not go for a pizza or burger? Spending an afternoon with some ladies? Grab a charming lunch and follow up with some ice cream. If you are a tourist, you can call the 16th street mall your actual home – at least temporarily – at a single one of the several hotels that run along the mall. Whether you choose a national chain such as the Courtyard or the Hilton, or you prefer to stay at a beach residence rental or in a single one of Denver’s boutique hotels, you can be sure that hospitality awaits you around each turn. Denver has a remarkably diverse population and the political temperature in the Mile High City affords welcome to all people of all types, colors, and dispositions.

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