The streets can be filled with homeless

The guy has a black belt.

My friends plus I were hanging out in San Francisco on Saturday, and all of us spent the afternoon at the Wharf plus the two of us went to Lombard Street. All of us decided to walk on the Golden Gate Bridge in the afternoon. All of us were going to leave the city plus head back new home at the end of the afternoon, however the two of us decided to stay plus go to a club with some people the two of us met earlier that afternoon. All of us went to a recreational marijuana dispensary close to the club, i purchased a disposable vape pen plus a pre-rolled marijuana joint, however my friends purchased marijuana joints as well. All of us walked out of the dispensary plus headed south on the street, however our automobile was parked in a lot close to the dispensary plus the club was only a couple of blocks away from the building. My friends plus I walked a block plus then someone came out of the darkness with a knife, and the guy told us to hand over our purse. My friends plus I looked at each other with disbelief. There were more than four of us plus one of him, however he truthfully thought the two of us were going to hand over our purse plus all of our marijuana supplies, however the two of us decided to tackle the guy instead. My acquaintance Jack is an expert in karate. He takes classes at a dojo outside of San Francisco near the 101. The guy has a black belt. He genuinely grabbed the knife from the attacker plus wrestled him to the ground. I went to the closest store plus told someone to call the police. My friends also dialed 911. All of us never made it to the club that evening, however the two of us had a entirely interesting plus unbelievable evening in San Francisco.

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