I can tell that Glenview is way too cold

When I first moved to Glenview, Illinois, I was happy by the plan of a freezing and snowy winter, but growing up in the deep south, I’d never experienced rapidly decreasing temperatures below fifty degrees, however i’d never seen snow before.

  • I expected it to be like what I’d seen in movies! The actors are always having a enjoyable time in the snow.

They rarely wear hats or gloves. They don’t even zip up their coats. I’ve l acquired that an Illinois Winter is easily unusual from that. In Glenview, all of us get rapidly decreasing temperatures well into the downsides and it snows for more than half of the year. I would like to hide inside the home with the heating system blasting for the entire winter. I try not to spend any time outside… Unfortunately, it’s necessary to shovel snow and brush off the vehicle nearly every afternoon. Before heading out the door, I dress in multiple layers of shirts and pants and put on thick socks. I wear heavy boots, a wool coat and knitted hat, scarf and gloves. I wrap the scarf so that it covers almost my whole face, however any exposed skin is at risk of frostbite; Despite rapidly decreasing temperatures down to downside twenty-numerous, I sweat while I shovel snow. It’s a easily labor-intensive and terrible job. The snow is wet and heavy, and there’s no enjoyable site to put it. Along with dealing with endless snowfall, there’s also a problem with ice. Icy pavement is dangerous. It’s severely easy to slip, fall and get hurt. The ice on the windshield of the vehicle needs to be either scraped or thawed by running the defrost for fifteen minutes. The icicles hanging from the roof of the home get so large that they cause damage and present a safety risk.

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