Back when our state lacked legal cannabis, I wanted to move

I hated life back in our lake house state.

I grew up in a tiny neighborhood where you couldn’t hide secrets from anyone.

My graduating class consisted of only a handful of people, all of which I had known since elementary school. I would dream about the day of finally getting out of that place to attend school on the opposite side of the country, but that day never came. Instead, I saved a lot of currency by going to an in-state school and using our scholarship currency there instead of at a school that cost several to more than three times as much for each fall semester. Whenever our school friends and I would smoke cannabis in our dorm rooms, every one of us would worry about campus police showing up unannounced and arresting us on the spot. I kept fantasizing about moving to Denver, CO after graduating from undergraduate school. I figured I could attend the University of CO in either Boulder or Denver to attend graduate school in economics. In reality, I ended up in Aurora, but not because of school. I accepted a job that is located right along the border of Aurora and Denver. However, most of the businesses—especially cannabis dispensaries—are located within Denver instead of Aurora. One of our all time preferred cannabis dispensaries is in Heather Gardens right off Interstate 225. There’s another weed store a few blocks north in Heather Ridge that I love to visit as well. One of our preferred things I like to do during the moderate season is to take a bong and a jar of cannabis flower buds with myself and others to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge to go hiking for the day.

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