San Francisco flights

I wanted to get out of town for a few days after our wifey and I broke up, but i was aggravated and upset and I just needed a change of scenery. My wifey said she would join me if the two of us made the choice to go anywhere with legal recreational marijuana, however we chose San Francisco for a variety of reasons. It has attractive scenery, beaches, nightlife, bars, diners, and legal marijuana, after the two of us made the choice to go to San Francisco, I started looking at flights. All of the flights into the Bay Area were outrageously priced… Both of us thought about decreasing our plans, but the two of us found some last-minute deals on an online website… The flight was delayed by an hour, but the two of us didn’t have any layovers or linking flights. After the two of us arrived in San Francisco, the two of us made the choice to go to the motorcar rental area and picked up our SUV… From there the two of us drove to a recreational marijuana dispensary. My acquaintance could not wait until the two of us took our items to the hotel. We picked up a few items and found out that the dispensary provided delivery right to our hotel, however since the dispensary delivered to our hotel, the two of us ordered a couple of additional marijuana items the next day. We were going to take items beach house with us, until the two of us saw a immense sign and that airport warning us that it was totally illegal and against the law. We had to dump more than two pre rolled marijuana cigarettes and a bin of edible gummy coins in the trash. It was painful letting sixty bucks worth of cannabis flush down the drain.



Marijuana Pick-up San Fransisco California