Nobody wanted to work late that night

My friends and I work at a seafood restaurant down by the water in Tampa Bay.

The restaurant has been open since the 1940’s, but the whole building recently had renovations.

When the renovations were completed, the size of the restaurant was doubled. They hired more staff to help and my friend and I were part of that crew. Jack and I work in the kitchen. I am a sous chef and Jack handles all of the pastries and desserts. Last Monday night, we had a party of sixty on the books. The group of people rented our party room. It was a business engagement and everyone was dressed in suits and ties. Even though it was 80 outside, they insisted that we turn the AC temperature all the way down to 65 so everyone in suits would be comfortable. My manager agreed to adjust the room thermostat and that’s when the problems with the AC began. Anybody that lives in Tampa Bay knows how hard it can be to work or live without AC, especially during the warmer summer months. The low temperature on the thermostat caused issues for the entire network and the AC broke down halfway through the night. My boss called a Tampa Bay heating and Ac repair company, but they took two hours to fix the problem. By the end of the night, nobody wanted to stay late and clean the store or prepare for the next day. Thankfully, the boss was understanding and didn’t press us to complete any extra side work at the end of the shift.
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