A trip in Indiana

My Dad and I went to the symphony last Thursday and I ran into a girl that I knew from school, but it had actually been at least more than two or several years since I had seen her, although she still looked genuinely great.

  • All of us talked for a few hours while every one of us were in the brief intermission and after that every one of us exchanged contact information! Only a couple of days after the symphony, I decided to call Carol.

All of us talked on the phone for almost 2 hours… The conversation was easy and flowing, when every one of us were done talking, I decided to ask Carol if she wanted to join me at the Evansville Museum of Arts, history and science. It is a beautiful Museum situated right on the OH River. It is one of our favorite sites to visit in downtown Evansville. I did not suppose if Carol would know the museum was a fun place for a date or not, although she sounded truly gleeful when I asked her to join me. All of us decided to meet at the Evansville location on Saturday morning, however carol looked just as nice as she did the night every one of us met at the symphony. All of us walked around the museum and every one of us had breakfast at a bar in Evansville when every one of us were done. I would have enjoyed to walk along the river with her, however the weather was starting to get cold and the sunlight was starting to set. The chilly temperatures and cold air made it impossible to continue our date outdoors. All of us decided to say nice night for the night and every one of us made plans to see each other again soon.


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