We really enjoy the things to do in New Mexico

My hubby and I made the choice to move to New Mexico a couple of years back.

He was stationed on a military base close to Albuquerque.

Both of us didn’t know anything about the Midwest when we decided to move to Albuquerque, New Mexico. The only thing we actually knew about New Mexico was that it was incredibly hot and desert. My hubby was excited to move to the area because he is a major pot smoker. New Mexico had relatively cheap prices on medical marijuana. My hubby had a prescription from a doctor in our state and it was totally simple to transfer the medical marijuana recommendation after we moved. My hubby pays half as much currency as he did in the past for the exact same medical marijuana supplies. He also has a much larger selection because there are a huge amount of dispensaries in the city. When we moved to the area, the two of us had a lot of things to see and do. Both of us visited all types of museums, art installments, theaters, and restaurants. When our babies were aged enough to prefer some outdoor activities, my hubby and I took them to the Explora Science Center and Children’s Museum. This science and technology center is right downtown in Albuquerque. The Explora Science Center provides Hands-On activities in technology, art, math, engineering, and science. Our children have a huge amount of fun when we choose to take them to the museum for the course of the day. They are always able to run around and explore separate from being told not to touch everything around them. It’s a pretty nice break for my hubby and I too, because we can totally relax while the youngsters go around the place and have fun.



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