Glad I am visiting Toronto

Taking a job that forces me to travel a ton was hard at first.

  • I know numerous people who would have loved a job where you get to see other states and countries to the extent that I do, but I’m an introvert who rarely traveled as a kid.

My family never took cross-country road trips to see relatives or go on trips to amusement parks. That’s why it was a sizable change for me to suddenly start traveling so much for one job. But, it definitely forced me out of my zone and made it easier for me to talk to people that I don’t already know personally. I was also able to travel overseas for the first time. One of my number one countries to visit is Canada because of recreational weed being okay in all provinces. I can get off a plane plus take an Uber ride to a dispensary plus then back to my hotel where I can like my cannabis products in peace. My next job trip to Canada is coming up in a few days and I’m seriously excited. I’ll be going to see Toronto for the 1st time plus I have a lot of activities planned while I was in my freetime time outside of job meetings. I want to see the CN Tower just like everyone else, but I also want to take a ferry to the Toronto Islands if I can get away for an entire afternoon. It’s an attractive area, especially if you own a sailboat or kayak. I suppose that other people would rather walk around the neighborhood plus shop, but I’m glad getting cannabis products from a dispensary plus going to see natural attractions like some of the beaches of Lake Ontario. You can really conceal a cannabis vaporizer pen in locations like Woodbine Beach Park.



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