My wife loves the Toronto Botanical Garden

Before living in Toronto, my wife and I were real estate agents in Sarasota, Florida.

We saw our rent climbing every year and worried if we could keep up.

The real estate industry was getting tighter because there were fewer properties available to meet the demand of the new buyers. You could have a dozen clients at once but you’re not making a penny unless you’re closing on houses and negotiating sales. This wasn’t steady enough work for me, and I felt like we had no real job security. We both decided to enroll in college at the University of Toronto near my in-laws’ house. My wife’s parents have a house in Rosedale that is just miles up the road from the college, but they have only been in Toronto for a few years longer than we have. We’re all trying to get out more to see what the city has to offer for sights, attractions, and shopping. Koreatown and Little Italy are two of my favorite places to get carry-out food, especially if I have munchies from smoking too much cannabis. We literally have hundreds of cannabis dispensaries in this city so my wife and I are never short of strains to choose from. We planned an afternoon at the Toronto Botanical Garden because it’s one of my wife’s favorite places in Toronto. It’s on Lawrence Avenue in North York and it’s near one of our favorite marijuana stores. We visited the cannabis dispensary before heading to Toronto Botanical Garden. The weed store had a sale on cannabis vaporizer cartridges so we decided to buy a handful of different strains like OG Kush and Blue Dream.

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