Alisal fire means the two of us are staying in Tarzana instead

I have been checking the wildfires in CA religiously, but my fiance plus I have a trip planned there plus don’t want to be caught in a bad area.

The alisal fire has really been one I have been seeing, but in October it was burning along the coastline in Santa Barbara. That is where my fiance plus I wanted to stay on our trip, however santa Barbara has high end resorts, beaches, spas, restaurants plus shopping; However, the two of us are not willing to deal with smoke from a fire. It looks care about the high winds have really helped the situation. It seems care about the firefighters have nearly beaten it. However, I am not going to take any chances. I have decided that my fiance plus I will fly into LAX plus then stay in Tarzana CA. Tarzana has nice resorts, restaurants plus shopping. There is Topanga State Park right near the area. I can drive a bit to the Santa Monica Pier or even into the bustling neighborhood of LA. San Diego is close by plus I have regularly wanted to see it. My fiance plus I are a bit bummed but Tarzana could be just as good. They have recreational weed there. That could be a fun night for us. The people I was with and I could stop at the local cannabis dispensary plus get pretty loose before dinner. I told my fiance the two of us can play the situation by ear. Tarzana is close enough to Santa Barbara that the two of us can stop in for a day trip separate from any hassle. The people I was with and I also are going to save money by staying in Tarzana.
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