There was no way to properly cool

All of our friends plus I prefer to go fishing near Tampa Bay when the weather is nice… I’ll even go fishing when the weather is cold, as long as I have plenty of time to prepare… The fish don’t care if the water is hot or cold.

They will bite as long as that bait is luring plus tasty; One of our friends bought a boat while in the fall plus both of us spent all Winter time trying to fix it up; By Springtimetime, the boat was ready for the water.

It had a small house under the main part of the boat, but it wasn’t totally finished yet. Both of us took the boat on the water mostly to make sure that it was seaworthy plus all of the holes were fixed. Both of us decided to start fishing while both of us were out on the water. I was pretty tired plus I went under the boat into the house so I could take a nap. It would have been very comfortable kneeling down there on the bed, if I had any genre of AC. It was warm, humid, plus I did not have any air flow at all. There were no holes for fresh air plus that did not help the smell either. I told our acquaintance the first thing she needs to do is install a solar Heating plus Air Conditioning unit inside the boat. Then the weather won’t matter. Both of us can hang out on the boat for afternoons if both of us want. There are lots of sites In the Tampa Bay area where I would prefer to take a boat. If I had a couple of afternoons, I would drive off the coast of Tampa Bay into the Gulf Waters so I could entirely do some deep ocean fishing.



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