A cannabis license in San Fransisco is so expensive

Just a short distance from San Francisco is the San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge, and there is a lot of good fishing in San Pablo Bay, plus my friends plus I like to take the boat there on the weekends, and everyone went fishing last weekend plus I put the boat in the water at Mcnears beach, but we sailed around the water for a while plus then my friends plus I put a pole in the water.

We didn’t have honestly numerous bites in the beginning, so we moved to a couple of odd spots around the San Francisco location! After supper, my friends plus I decided to transport to the San Francisco Bay area of the water! It was a little bit warmer plus the fishing was more active… One of my buddies lit up a recreational marijuana cigarette, but he got the recreational marijuana cigarette from a dispensary in town, then my neighbor was halfway through the marijuana cigarette when another boat came out of nowhere plus started flashing lights.

Although we did not get into any trouble for using marijuana plus operating a boat, both my neighbor plus I got a hefty good for fishing from a boat without a valid license. My neighbor knew his license was expired, despite the fact that I didn’t realize that mine was due to be renewed a month ago. I was blissful we didn’t get a ticket for the marijuana, despite the fact that I wish the guy would have given us a warning about the fishing as well, but both of us have to pay $200 fines to the state plus our fishing licenses are suspended until we do.
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