Sleepless in Seattle is just the beginning

It is really hard to tell when something you are watching was actually made in Seattle. A lot of shows and movies are set there, but it turns out that most of these programs were made in Canada, and not in the US. It is cheaper to film up there, so to save a few bucks a director will shoot in Ottawa and just say it is Seattle. So I am not going to talk about the movies that were actually made here, just the ones that are supposed to take place in Seattle, Washington, because there are a lot of good ones. The most famous one that you know of is probably Sleepless in Seattle, because it is such a classic romantic comedy. Another classic rom-com set here is Say Anything, but one most people don’t know of is called Singles, and that is a love letter to the city of Seattle. In Singles, one of the characters is a grunge rocking Seattle native, and a member of the Seattle Sonics even shows up for a cameo! There is also Harry and the Henderson, Fear, Disclosure, and Wargames, all of which feature Seattle prominently. I am preparing a little watch list for an upcoming Seattle Movie Festival sponsored by one of the local cannabis dispensaries. There will be an outdoor screening of all these great Seattle films, as well as limited cannabis smoking in certain areas. Seattle is one of the most progressive cities in the country, both socially and in terms of marijuana legalization. This is such a great place to live!

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