When is the Nugget’s Game going to start?

The area of Denver has several professional sporting teams! Since 1967, Denver has had its own basketball team.

From 1967 until 1973, the Denver basketball team was called the Rockets, and after 1973, the Denver team was finally called the Nuggets.

This is still the name of the team currently, in 2021. The Denver Nuggets still play in the ballcourt. This location used to be referred to as the Starbucks Latte Center. It is a big location located in the middle of downtown Denver, CO. The location can seat up nearly to 20,000 people at maximum capacity. My friend got us some tickets to see a Nuggets game and she had extra skybox passes for all of us. The 4 of us went to a recreational cannabis dispensary beforehand. The two of us smoked a pre-rolled cannabis joint before going to the court. The two of us waited a bit outside the location for 15 minutes and then both of us found out that the game was unfortunately significantly delayed. There was a problem with the heating and advanced a/c system inside of the center and the game was pushed back until they could repair the issue. My friends and I decided to walk back to the car. The two of us had a few more marijuana joints from the dispensary, although none of the cannabis joints were heavy sativa strains, and my eyes were heavy and quite tired by the time the game began. Thank goodness there was plenty of action to keep me awake. The game was very delayed, but it was still a nail-biter. It came down to the final quarter of the game. The Nuggets were successful in defeating their rival and the score ended with our team obtaining victory 102-99.

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