My birthday at the botanical garden

The first location my wifey ever took me for a one on one date was the Denver Botanical Gardens. The two of us stopped over at a cannabis shop in Denver and picked up a large cannabis pre-rolled joint. My wifey and I smoked that whole damn joint before both of us made the call to go into the Denver garden. The marijuana greatly enhanced our viewing of the gardens, and everything was bright and wonderful. That is 1 thing that I truly enjoy about recreational marijuana. I care about being able to let it all go, hang loose, and relax wholey. Marijuana really helps when I have a hundred things on my mind. When my wifey and I got engaged, I knew I wanted my birthday party at the Denver Botanical Gardens. It seemed ideal to have the party in the same place where both of us shared our first date. The Denver neighborhood is a legitimately very nice location for birthdays. Situated on York Street, the garden has beautiful water features and they have lush Gardens with colorful and fragrant plants. The location offers 15 different sections for birthday parties, receptions, bridal showers, and wedding rehearsal dinners. I contacted the Denver Botanical Gardens to get some details on fees and pricing. I didn’t expect the fees to be so ridiculously high. My wifey and I are not able to handle those fees unless 1 of our parents is going to foot the bill. The two of us are going to talk with them this upcoming weekend, when both of us are going to celebrate for our engagement party. The fees and taxes for the location are much more than the fees for our entire honeymoon taken together. I would rather get hitched at the courthome so both of us can afford to have 1 hell of a reception and honeymoon.

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