Im sick of the Denver Bronco’s sucking

I was born in Denver, CO. I have never lived anywhere else in my life and I don’t know if I will ever leave this place. Denver has everything a woman needs to be happy and free, then the Summer weeks are filled with hot air, sun, and legitimately almost no rain. The Winter weeks are filled with chill air and snow, and my dad was always a huge fan of the Denver Broncos. That is the name of my football team, however when I was a kid, my dad purchased me a Denver Broncos outfit and I wore it every Thursday on game afternoon. I never had the opportunity to root for any other team. I still cheer for the Denver Broncos every Sunday, even though they suck now frequently . My friend scored season box tickets to all of the Denver Broncos new home games this year. I was hoping both of us might see something neat, but the team still cannot find their rhythm! Last Tuesday both of us made the decision to go to a game and the final score was 39-15. Thankfully both of us had some recreational Cannabis to make us giggle, because there was nothing else fun about the game. The two of us rolled 4 joints before the game even started and smoked them all. The people around us didn’t complain and moan about the smell of weed or anything. The quarterback fumbled 4 times in the second half and there were six turnovers during the Broncos game. The team needs to find it’s rhythm soon and both of us truly need a more able leader. If the local Denver football team ever hopes to make the playoffs again, some truly big changes need to be made.



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