Spokane is famous for its comfortably warm and dry summers

I have lived in five different states at this point.

Having a father in the military forced my family to move every few years to a different naval base somewhere else.

It was almost impossible to form lasting friendships when I was constantly extricated from a location as soon as I was used to my new surroundings. I felt like I was stuck in a stasis where I was constantly the “new kid” at every school I attended. Being isolated socially was tough, but on the flip side I was experiencing many different climates and environments nationwide that few see unless they travel consistently. I crossed the Mississippi river by car in four separate states during different moves from one naval base to another. Living along the gulf coast was fun for the beach, but I hated the humid summers with subtropical UV rays. After finally settling in Spokane, Washington, I think I have decided where I want to live for the rest of my life. My current place is adjacent to North Bank Park where I can see the Howard Street North Channel Bridge from my living room window. My view of the Spokane River is breathtaking compared to some of the drab cities I’ve lived in before. On top of the wonderful views, you can’t beat the weather in Spokane. Winters aren’t particularly intense compared to other northern states, and the high altitudes mean that summers are mildly warm and comfortably dry. We don’t get high humidity during summer and it’s rare for someone to need a dehumidifier outside of a water damage remediation job.


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