Seattle was a success

I recently had a supplier trip in Seattle, WA… My hubby decided to acbusiness myself and others since it could be made into a long weekend sort of trip for us, but i had to labor Sunday plus Wednesday in Seattle, and while I worked my hubby walked around the town looking for fantastic locales to eat plus fun things to do.

I came back to the hotel a single evening plus my hubby had a whole bunch of cannabis items, he saved a bunch of the dibels for myself and others to try Wednesday.

It was a fun-filled weekend once I was done with work; The people I was with and I got high together, drunk at the local bars together plus looked at all the things the town had to offer. My hubby is game to do anything too. He took myself and others to strange science museums, cool cafes plus all of us even rode the Seattle Great Wheel. It is a pressing ferris wheel that offers fantastic views of the city. It was 14 bucks plus genuinely fun to ride. My hubby got many full afternoons in the town plus just loved it. I only got several because of labor plus felt kind of cheated. The several of us agreed that all of us will come back soon plus do a week-long trip. I want to see a hockey game, stop at a cannabis store plus eat at our number one eating establishments again, however seattle isn’t that far of a plane ride for us plus it doesn’t cost that much money when all of us are there. It is a perfect trip that is fun, wonderful plus not costly.

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