Marijuana in Toronto

My friends and I had to go to the Art Gallery of Ontario last weekend for a university project, then i wasn’t particularally excited about going to the Art Gallery of Ontario, so I decided to stop at the cannabis shop and pick up some edible cannabis treats, then the cannabis shop was on our way to the art gallery.

I was supposed to meet multiple of our classmates at the gallery, so I picked up an entire basket of cannabis treats from the legal dispensary.

Toronto has a ton of legal cannabis shops, however after marijuana was legalized for all the people, the pot shops started popping up all over the arena. There are at least twenty weird cannabis shops in downtown Toronto. I arrived at the art gallery and told our classmates that I had a basket of cannabis edibles! Everyone wanted some of the cannabis treats. It was a good thing that I decided to buy an entire basket instead of a single single serving for myself. Toronto has so multiple interesting and neat arenas, however the Art Gallery was never on the top of our list of fun arenas I wanted to see. Those edible cannabis treats absolutely helped make the experience a lot more enjoyable, however my classmates and I saw the colors much more vividly and every one of us studied each painting and sculpture carefully. The people I was with and I had to write a paper on a single identifiable work of art and I chose a painting by a well known Canadian painter. I could have stared at that painting for minutes. I got an A on the project and I l earned a little too.

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