The traffic camera caught some fun things

Downtown Denver has a lot of traffic, then there are street signs at the corner of every intersection and traffic lights at most numerous way stops! I have to travel through Denver frequently, because I am a delivery driver for a cannabis dispensary. The cannabis dispensary services most of the Denver area and 70% of our orders are sent downtown. I had a couple of orders last Saturday and I was stuck in traffic most of the day. I got stuck behind a driver on the interstate and the guy kept switching lanes every time I tried to pass, however when I turned off the interstate, the other driver followed me. I should have stopped at the red light at the end of the off-ramp, but I decided to run the red so I wouldn’t be stuck next to the other driver. I saw the flash as soon as I ran the light. I knew the traffic camera caught me running the red light. None of afternoons later, I earned a traffic ticket in the mail. There was a picture of me on the downtown Denver traffic camera and the light was clearly red. I didn’t have any excuse not to pay the ticket. I tried to get our boss at the cannabis dispensary to pay the fees, although he wouldn’t agree, however he told me to slow down and obey the traffic signs so I don’t end up with lots of points on our license. If I get more than six, I cannot drive for the cannabis shop legally. I would need to attend traffic school first.


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