I didn't want to transfer here, however legal weed is right up my alley

Both of our brothers plus I were still living with our mom plus dad when they decided to transfer to CA.

My brothers plus I weren’t actually ecstatic about the decision, especially since all of us had to move, then the people I was with and I packed up the entire lake house into a long U-Haul truck plus our parents moved us all the way to San Francisco, CA.

My brothers plus I were used to farm country plus San Francisco was quite weird from Idaho. My parents worked while I was in the day plus our brothers plus I got into trouble whenever they weren’t at home. My parents didn’t suppose that our brothers plus I were smoking marijuana. The people I was with and I were hanging out with our friends plus using weed every opening all of us got, when I turned twenty-one, I started going to the dispensary more frequently. My mom did not want any cannabis in the house, plus she threatened to make myself and others leave. I thought she was being unacceptable plus I continue to use cannabis in the house. My mom plus dad staged an intervention plus they told myself and others that it didn’t matter if marijuana was legal in San Francisco or not. If I was going to continue to live in the house, I needed to follow the rules. I never wanted to transfer to CA, plus the only fantastic area about living here is legal weed. I was left with little possibilities at that point! Both of our brothers still live with our parents in the bay area, but I moved in with some friends. The people I was with and I live in an area that is less high-priced. I still see our mom plus dad at holidays., however they still give myself and others a hard time about marijuana.


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