The weather in Albuquerque

I just moved to Albuquerque from the northeast, and barely missed a single of the worst Winter time blizzards on record.

My parents were snowed in at their home and lost power for many mornings, but were otherwise okay because of their storm generator and wood stove to keep warm.

I was really distraught about them because they lost cell PC service as well and I had no plan if they were even okay and alive until the storm passed and the power was restored. I would rather avoid this kind of weather altogether, which makes Albuquerque a great place to live. Both of us get lows into the 20s during winter, which is honestly freezing enough for snowfall. However, we consistently get a light dusting of snow compared to the northeast where our parents live. And whenever we have a mild day with warmer weather, I don’t even have to use our central heater! Since I have a heat pump, I barely pay as much for indoor heating to begin with. Heat pumps are popular in Albuquerque because they supply you an a/c and a central oil furnace in a single single machine. In both cases you’re utilizing the refrigerant cycle to transfer heat from a single location to another. When it’s time to cool your house, heat is pulled through the refrigerant to the compressor outside to be released into the air. To heat your house, the process is reversed and any ambient heat in the outdoor air will be absorbed and released into your house. Aside from being both economical and effective, I have heard that heat pumps are much more environmentally friendly as well. Either way, you couldn’t get me to switch back to a usual oil furnace even if you offered to pay me.
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