Was a big shock to feel the cold

I had a work conference in Denver last month, and I knew the weather was going to be frigid plus icy.

I hate the fact that my boss picked a conference in Denver while in the middle of January.

My flight was delayed by 2 hours, because there were no flights into Denver. The afternoon that I flew to the place, it was snowing genuinely heavily outside. I packed plenty of warm clothing like hats, boots, a pair of snow pants, plus more than two unusual overcoats. When I finally arrived in Denver, I was many fourths late plus I had to find a taxi to take myself and others to the hotel. I had a car set to pick me up at the Denver Airport, but the delayed flight caused concerns plus I had to find an uber. As soon as I stepped outside of the airport, I was shocked by the cold and icy weather. I expected it to be cold, but I was frozen right to the heart in a couple of hours. I had to unpack our bags plus grab an extra sweatshirt. I thought I was going to be frozen to death outside the Denver Airport, while I waited for the taxi to arrive. As soon as I got to the hotel, I tested into our room plus turned on the heat. I had to thaw out our fingers plus toes. I sat in front of the gas furnace for many fourths. Denver has a lot of attractions and culture, plus I would have loved to visit some places while I was there last week. But, it was so frigid plus icy that I did not want to go anywhere after the sun went down.
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