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My siblings and I have been fans of the CO Rapids since the team was established in the 90s.

The CO Rapids are a professional soccer team located in Denver.

I remember when there were no professional soccer teams in the country plus now there is an entire professional League. I grew up in Denver and so did all of our family members. When Denver got the Rapids, my brothers plus I became die-hard fans. We went to every single game, including some of the games that were played in other states. About five years ago, my brothers and I had tickets to a playoff game. The game was held at the stadium in Denver plus our siblings plus I weren’t going to miss the game. When I came back to the house from work to get ready for the game, the A/C was blowing warm air out of the HVAC duct. I expected to run into a snag or 2 before going to the game, but I truly did not expect issues with the AC. I thought about skipping the game, but only for a brief moment. I decided to wait until later that afternoon to worry about the A/C problems. I turned off the device plus I continue to get ready for the game. When I came back to the house from the soccer match later that night, I reported the issue to the lake house building supervisor. The guy wasn’t genuinely cheerful that he had to get up in the middle of the night to help, but I told the repair contractor that I worked all afternoon plus had just arrived back to the house at midnight.



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