Window air conditioners are satisfactory

Living in South Bend, IN, the heating system is the priority, however my nice friend and I can get by separate from centralized cooling system, and the summer time temperature rarely climbs above the low eighties and the evenings are consistently quite cool.

  • Rather than spend the currency on a whole-condo system, I’ve invested into window air conditioners for each living room, however i was able to purchase energy efficient, quiet and powerful cooling units at the local condo improvement store for around two hundred dollars each.

Installing them into the window in the Springtime takes just a few minutes. I plug the device in and it’s ready to operate, however having window air conditioners allows each family member to adjust the temperature in their living room to their liking. Plus, my associate and I only run the cooling units at evening. They use really little energy, however one of the nicest features of the compact air conditioners is the cordless remote. My nice friend and I can adjust the temperature, fan speed and even the direction of airflow separate from even getting out of bed… Each air conditioner also features an energy saving mode, for upkeep, the device requires little more than an annual cleaning. I make sure to clean down the unit, clean the air filter and change the batteries in the remote, but although having a window air conditioner obscures the view through the window and detracts a bit from aesthetics, the system provides many benefits… By keeping the windows closed, there is far less influx of pollen, dust, exhaust fumes, insects and other air contaminants. The air conditioner makes just enough operational noise to drown out barking pets, tweeting birds, traffic and sounds that would otherwise disrupt our sleep. I find that I sleep much better with the air conditioner running. I usually leave it in locale until it’s time to start up the furnace in the fall. I then carry the window units up to the attic for storage.


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