Adding a ductless multi-split system

The weather in Springfield, Missouri, is quite unpredictable, and the temperature can soar into the high eighties or plummer into the teens, my buddy and I often deal with excessive humidity, rain, hail, sleet plus snow, all within a few week span.

My household in Springfield is old plus large, encompassing around twenty-five-hundred square feet.

The household has seen a lot of renovations over the years, then walls have been removed plus added. Windows have been enlarged plus a screen porch enclosed, but very little attention was given to the design of the air duct. There are areas of the household that lack sufficient vents to handle demand. When my pal and I first moved in, my pal and I got truly sad with feeling warm or cold in certain rooms, and adjusting the temperature control simply resulted in the rest of the household being uncomfortable plus especially high energy costs. My buddy and I tried adding box fans plus space heaters, but weren’t happy with the results. They offered little improvement to comfort while greatly detracting from aesthetics. After consulting with a local Springfield Heating & A/C corporation, my pal and I decided to invest into a ductless system. The ductless configuration consists of an outdoor compressor that powers eight individual indoor air handlers, and each air handler features an independent temperature control plus provides both heating plus cooling capacity. We’re able to customize the temperature setting in each of those eight rooms… Despite the compact equipment, the ductless system is appealingly powerful. The operation is quiet plus amazingly energy efficient. We’ve found that the ductless units help with dehumidification in the summer time plus air filtration year round, and i like that my pal and I can control the ductless air handlers by way of an app on our smartphones. My buddy and I can program them to start up plus shut down at certain times.


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