Adding a ductless system for zoned heating

A few years ago, my spouse plus I purchased a larger home; With five youngsters, two pets plus one cat, my great friend and I need quite a bit of space, and the property is plenty spacious but older plus somewhat seasoned; Over the years, former owners have made numerous renovations.

They were not careful about the number or sitement of heating/cooling vents.

Our first winter season in the condo was legitimately cold, but raising the thermostat setting forced the boiler to run always but did little to solve the problem, however certain rooms were overly warm while others were way too cold. Tearing out walls plus ceilings to reconfigure the air duct wasn’t an option, and my friend and I were unwilling to tackle such a messy, invasive plus upscale job. My friend and I looked into space boilers plus all weird possibilities plus finally decided to have a ductless multi-split system installed. The ductless system consists of an outdoor compressor that fastens to eight air handlers mounted on the walls of separate rooms. The air handlers are lightweight, compact plus operate quietly. They provide both heating plus cooling capacity plus feature independent thermostats. We’re able to customize the temperature setting in each room. The ductless system includes inverter technology that enables it to vary speed plus output depending on demand. The operation is charmingly energy efficient, plus despite the small size of components, the system is surprisingly powerful. The air handlers really handle the challenge of the winter season weather in Elgin; Plus, we’re able to make adjustments to the many air handlers by way of an app on our smartphones; Having access to zoned air conditioning is a charming perk in the summer.


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