Funny Denver driver

I was in Denver for business. I decided to take the bus to my residence rather than call the cab. This was one of my ways of interacting with the locals and hearing more about the area. As a business person, it was not always easy to find an appropriate time to do this. Whenever I could, I often took the bus. So this evening, after I met with the investors, I sat next to the bus driver. I had learned over time that it was easy to chat with the bus driver than with anyone else. I was lucky that day since it seemed as though I had met an enthusiastic one. He freely told me stories about when he was younger and how cheeky he was, especially girls. The driver was a middle-aged man who seemed to enjoy life more than anything else. He kept chewing gum and seemed too optimistic for a taxing and challenging job. I asked him what his secret was, and he beckoned for me to get closer. He pointed to a pack close to the steering wheel full of green substances. Having been exposed and familiar with certain herbs, I immediately noted that whatever he showed me was cannabis. This was not shocking since Denver had legalized it a while back. The driver told me that he needed a tiny portion of his miracle herb to have a fantastic attitude all day. He said that working as a driver is not easy, especially when you meet people with different perspectives. It is even more stressful if the said people unleash their stress on you. However, he can put a straight face because he is always happy, thanks to the effect of cannabis.


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