Importance of Heating, Ventilation, and A/C service

My condo in Fort Worth, Texas, is outfitted with centralized air conditioner and a heater; The air conditioner runs for the majority of the year, then we often experience uneven temperatures in the mid to high nineties and excess humidity is a constant concern.

The air conditioner carries a heavy workload.

While the winters aren’t quite as long, my friend and I do experience conditions below chilly and traces of snow, and in order to keep bi-weekly energy bills as low as possible, I invested into top-of-the-line heating and cooling equipment. The heater achieves a 98% AFUE rating and the air conditioner offers a 26 SEER, but both units feature bendy-speed technology that allows automatic change of speed to match the needs of the home. The systems are able to adjust in one percent increments somewhere between forty and one hundred percent capacity. By running for longer cycles at lower speeds, the operation uses less energy and makes less noise. I would like the air conditioner and heater to last as long as possible. I am diligent about replacing air filters every four to six weeks. I have enrolled into a service plan with a local Fort Worth Heating, Ventilation, and A/C dealer. They send a NATE-certified and licensed serviceman to the condo in the Spring to repair the cooling unit and in the fall to tune-up the heating unit. The serviceman provides a thorough testing, cleaning and adjustment. He checks everything from the accuracy of the temperature control to the efficiency of the air duct. If he finds any minor complications, he takes care of these repairs. I can be sure that the heater and air conditioner are operating at their best when the season starts, however plus, this proactive service is necessary to validate the manufacturer’s warranty coverage.

Fort Worth Texas Air conditioner install