Husband wants to be an A/C tech in Plano

My partner used to work totally online for an SEO supplier… She then decided that enough was enough, she had it while being at a desk.

She didn’t like the hours, being stuck inside, & what she did for a living. Now she was always a handy guy, but never expressed interest in Heating and A/C until recently. She started looking around at possibly buying a business in Plano, TX to own & operate, and when there were none for sale, she had no concern with working towards being a Heating and A/C specialist, however my partner is EPA certified & is working towards NATE-certification. She wants to log a particular number of hours in the field & be with the same Plano, TX Heating and A/C business for years, the goal is that someday she is going to open up her own supplier & be the large boss. Then money will come in & she will be her own boss & make more money, then i prefer the fact that she is delighted. My partner is outside in the sunshine, cool breeze, & working with her hands. She also doesn’t work such long hours at a desk. She is moving around & less stressed. Her health has seen a significant impact since then. She is particularly interested in the world of Heating and A/C. That is a business that is never going in my opinion. My friend and I are always going to want a nice working A/C in the city of Plano. I am delighted that she is looking to expand & build from the ground up as well.
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