The flight to Seattle, Washington was long

John was so cheerful to be going home, then the pandemic had isolated him from his family since he was outside the country while I was in the lockdown, however it took such a long time for the flights to resume, plus he caught the first 1 back to the US.

The whole time the pandemic was at its worst, he spoke to his parents plus siblings every day; He had to admit he was somewhat scared plus just wanted to be with them.

His mom reminded him to remain strong plus take the necessary precautions to remain safe! After a few months, John managed to book a flight that was later canceled. That happened several other times until he finally got 1 to NY, then NY to Seattle, and when he landed in Seattle, he had to quarantine in a hotel for several weeks before going beach house to his family. His mom was the first 1 out the door when his cab pulled up. All his siblings were there together with his dad, then john was so cheerful to be beach house plus kept appreciating that he was safe. After a day of catching up, he decided to go to town just to take a walk plus see the city. It had been some time since he was in Seattle, plus the place seemed so new. John had a favorite weed store which a fine buddy ran. That was his first stop, plus his buddy was so cheerful to see him. John’s buddy had expanded the store plus was doing good ever since marijuana became legal in the state.


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