The heat of Tampa

Keep it chilly all the time

My goal is always to make my home a little more comfortable, living in Tampa, FL is tough, then i moved to the town because of a wifey; He needed to live in Tampa for work. My pal and I have since broken up plus I never left. I easily like what Tampa has to offer; You have the Tampa Bay lightning, you have a giant place that hosts a ton of musicians, there are bars, diners, shops, plus all sorts of fun events! Tampa is a happening area. The only con for me is the boiling weather. I hate boiling weather. I thought before I hated snow plus cold, but the heat is worse for me. In Tampa it can get to the triple digits plus when you factor in the humidity, my god it is brutal. I hate it. I am consistently boiling plus just wanting to kill myself. I have done what I can though. I purchased myself an above ground pool plus I basically live in it during the summer. I purchased a bunch of trees to supply me shade cover. I also purchased a top of the line A/C system. My idea is that if I have a superb quality A/C unit, I will be happier with the weather. I don’t skimp plus do energy savings either. I own a smart control machine plus I don’t let it save me money. Keep it chilly all the time. I don’t want it to ever come into a boiling home. I use the A/C basically 90% of the time; Owning a heating system isn’t easily necessary in Southern FL.

Tampa Florida a/c set up