Last room to remodel in our old house

We moved to Birmingham, AL after my wife’s job took him down south, however my buddy and I picked out our property and I have been slowly remodeling it, i started out removing the popcorn ceilings and painting every room.

My wife redid all the flooring.

My buddy and I upgraded the lights, outlets, and switches. My buddy and I also sanded the wood walls and painted pale white, and the master bathroom was gutted and remodeled. The kitchen got a sizable facelift as well. The last space is our main family bathroom. I feel like that space needs to be remodeled asap. I am pregnant with our second child and I suppose that getting that last space taken care of is necessary. I don’t want a newborn around a bunch of dust and debris, then our oldest is about 1.5 years old and likes to be outside, but so she will be good. I suppose the family bathroom remodeling will go pretty straight-forward. I want to upgrade the laminate floor with tile. I want to change the tub and the cement around it. I also want to get a new vanity, countertop, and sink. The window should be upgraded as well. Other than that, I feel it can stay. I want the same closet, paint colors, electric and plumbing set up. I don’t suppose anything major will need to be moved either. I am hopeful it will be a few months of labor and some upfront currency. It would be nice to upgrade that space to make it a more usable house. I might even splurge for bathroom ventilation.


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