Heated flooring was a good choice

I debated on heated flooring for the longest.

I live in Fort Worth, TX.

While it doesn’t get that cold here, there are chilly points. So having a heating system is a requirement. I have gotten by with a ductless mini split in a few rooms. I have the heating going just to keep everything comfy. I am not a fan of ductless heating though. It takes up wall space and isn’t that powerful. I was always eyeing up my flooring and thinking about something different. One year I got it in my head that it was the time. So I ripped up all my old rug and was sold on a tile that hid dirt perfectly. I read that heated flooring works especially well with tile. It keeps the heat the best. Also redoing the flooring is the best time to add a radiant heater. Other than that, it is only positive to this system. So I made the choice that it was the day for heated flooring. I had a Fort Worth heating business do it for me. They did the radiant heater installation and all I had to do was add cement board for them and then the final tile overtop. The heating system is safely tucked away under the floors and out of sight. I don’t really need to call for maintenance or anything like that. What could they do with it sealed under the floors? I now have a quiet, energy smart, and cleaner heating system. I removed all my ductless heaters to free up wall space. My rooms feel warmer, look better, and my energy bills are so much nicer. It was a smart upgrade.

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