Air purifier for tighter thermal envelope

I cherish opening my windows to let a fresh breeze in the house… In Sioux Falls, SD there aren’t several chances to do that.

I wait all year for the weather to be moderate & I turn off my heater.

I then open the windows & doors to get that stale, stuff air outside, having the fresh air blow inside is downright shocking… The stink is what I typically notice. It is so much cleaner than what I deal with. It also just feels like better air. I know it is the best thing for my air quality, however during the winter everything is sealed up so slim that nothing modern is coming inside. On the hand this is better for the heater, however on the other hand it is a detriment to my air. I have started looking at air purification plans to put some cleanliness back into my air. I can’t open the windows while in the winter. It just isn’tpossible. The temperatures get too low, then so I need to take care of the issue in the house. I bought HEPA filters that catch more dust, dirt, & hair than the normal filter. That helped a bit! Next was getting the UV air purifier… You can get a small one for a single one or have one installed in the ductwork to do the entire house. That is what I opted for. I will split out that nothing this means I have to do bi-weekly air filter changes & call for service on the system. It is lavish however I feel it is worth every cent.



Sioux Falls South Dakota Heating technician