Removing the wood stove in the house

When I moved into my home in St. Petersburg, Florida there was an old wood stove in the living room. The woodstove sat on a brick pad and was properly vented through my wood ceiling. There then was a stack added to the roof. It wasn’t pretty but it was functional. When you live in Florida, heating isn’t a requirement. The house came with a really good heat pump system too. The heat pump controls both heating and cooling. There was no need for the woodstove. I found out later the previous owner was a history buff and liked the historic look of it. Well I immediately got to work removing it. I had the brick pad torn up and removed. I then needed to patch my flooring. I then removed the woodstove and the piping that vented up in the ceiling. The wood ceiling was patched and had to match the rest of the wood. I then got roofers to remove the stack. Next was trying to pawn off that wood stove to someone else. Getting a HVAC business to take a wood stove isn’t possible. All the St. Petersburg HVAC dealers told me that the wood stove was too small. It was mainly for a hunting lodge or a man cave. It wasn’t suitable for a house. What an idiot who first bought it. I ended up selling it to a guy for a few hundred bucks. Then I was able to free up living room space and enjoy that location. Who would ever want to own a woodstove in the state of Florida? That is just dumb.

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