Ductwork is to blame for heating/cooling complaints

When my husband and I purchased an older home in Springfield, Missouri, we knew numerous updates would be necessary.

We expected to invest into an updated electrical and plumbing system to meet code and effectively answer the daily needs of our family. We weren’t surprised by the cost of a roofing replacement and accepted the challenge of replacing windows. However, the home inspection assured us that the furnace and air conditioner were in good working order. Both units were less than ten years old and showed no signs of corrosion, aging or malfunction. Our first year in the house was very uncomfortable. Summers in Springfield tend to be quite hot and muggy. Our central air conditioner ran just about non stop, cost us a small fortune in electric bills but couldn’t manage demand. The house constantly felt overheated and sticky. When winter arrived and the temperature plummeted, we noticed that certain rooms were downright chilly. Raising the thermostat setting accomplished very little. I finally scheduled a service from a NATE-certified technician associated with a local HVAC company in Springfield. He tested the operation of the ductwork and discovered holes and gaps at the seams. He estimated that around 25% of our conditioned air was escaping from these flaws. Fortunately, repairs and duct sealing fixed the complaints with the furnace and air conditioner. We were dreading the potential cost and disruption of replacing the entire system. With the ductwork operating at maximum capacity, we’ve noticed superior comfort, fewer cleaning requirements and much lower energy bills. We have fewer concerns with humidity and there is less wear and tear on the furnace and air conditioner.


Heater maintenance in Springfield Missouri