Happy with snowmelt system

My driveway is always perfectly clear.

South Bend, Indiana, averages an annual snow accumulation of 64.5” We sometimes have significant snow on the ground by Halloween. We expect a white Christmas and freezing cold temperatures for eight straight months. It is not unusual for there to be snow on the ground at both Easter and Mother’s Day. The snow creates a lot of work and problems. It can be necessary to clear the driveway multiple times per day. Shoveling is labor intensive and can even be dangerous due to the cold temperatures and wind chill. There is also the issue of where to pile all of that snow. I am very fortunate that my home in South Bend is equipped with a boiler heating system. The boiler connects to a series of pipes that create radiant flooring. The boiler sends hot water through these pipes and they spread heat evenly across the floor. In much the same way, the boiler links to a network of pipes that are installed beneath the pavement of the driveway, garage and walkways. The snowmelt system responds to the combination of temperature drop and moisture and automatically starts up. Hot water circulates through the pipes, melting away snow and ice. It eliminates the need to shovel or plow and worries over slipping and falling on icy pavement. I feel very sorry for my neighbors in South Bend when they are bundled up, shoveling their driveways in the morning before work. My driveway is always perfectly clear. Plus, the inside of the home is always wonderfully warm and cozy. The boiler is efficient, effective and reliable. It requires very little maintenance, operates quietly and makes the winters in South Bend much easier.


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