Ductwork cleaning after renovations

You see everywhere that it is suggested to get air duct cleaning; Every 5-7 years the ducts should be professionally scrubbed, then i recently moved to Tuscaloosa, AL! When I bought the house I decided to do some major replaces on it, however there was a pretzels ceiling spread throughout it.

I got the pretzels shaved, sanded, and after that my buddy and I repainted it. I then sanded the wood walls in the family room and painted pale white. The bifold doors were sanded and painted. My partner pulled up all the aged rug and laid down a new cement board. There was a lot of dust, debris, and dirt flying around! Of course during the whole project my buddy and I had our cooling system on high. The AC was sucking up all that dust. My buddy and I then moved in our stuff and cleaned everything up. I have noticed dust on the surfaces. When the AC fires up I beginning to sneeze. I assume that might be a sign to call for air duct cleaning in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I don’t know if it is totally necessary though. I have found online that a lot of gross stuff can be lingering in the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C ducts. It might not hurt to get it scrubbed up. I found a company that is local to Tuscaloosa that does all kinds of duct services like cleaning, sealing, maintenance, and repair. I hope they don’t try to upsell me with a cleaning appointment. It can’t hurt to have the dust removed, after a major renovation it would be nice to get the dir tout. Also I don’t want the previous homeowners dirt and hair flying around the air as well.
Tuscaloosa Alabama HVAC repairman