Getting my air conditioner properly fixed

For a long time my air conditioner just wasn’t that impressive.

It blew out hot air most of the time.

My house would have the thermostat set at 74 but it would never be that temperature. I honestly thought AC devices weren’t that good. I had recently moved to Plano, TX and it was my first air conditioner. Perhaps they aren’t super effective. Well after making friends and inviting people over it was a steady complaint over how hot my house was. I started asking around and realized that my AC just was a menace. I called the first Plano AC dealership I could find and asked about a repair. The Texas air conditioning business assessed all parts of my unit. Everything was wrong with the device. There was a dirty air filter, clogged condensate drain, mold on the cooling coil, low refrigerant, low on lubricate, you name it. I realized that there was upkeep I should have been doing as a homeowner and stuff that the previous owner definitely neglected. That wasn’t fun at all. I am really glad that I am informed now. I know how to properly care for my cooling unit. I make it my mission to change filters, clean the inner workings, and often inspect it. What I do next is apply for yearly AC service from my local Plano, Texas air conditioning dealership. It makes sense to invest money in order to save some. Having a well working air conditioning system is a game changer for living in Plano. I can’t believe how hot I used to be in my house.

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