Adding humidity to my easily dry air

For those who have long, brutal winter seasons you need to consider your air quality, the longer your home is sealed up tight, the more time that same, stale air is recirculating.

  • They say my friend and I spend 90% of our nights indoors, but it is also around five times more polluted.

That is a long time to be breathing in gross air. The Minneapolis, MN winter season is no joke, basically most of our lives it is cold, then most of the time everything has to be sealed up with the heating system running on high, however our air conditioner is merely decorative most of the year! All that ample amount of heat tends to try out the air. Then what do you do? Dry air quality causes chapped lips, bloody noses, miserable skin, as well as nasal complications. It also causes wood to split as well as crack; You can even experience complications with electronics. A humidifier is a cheap, easy replacement that can make a important difference for those in MN. A humidifier can be installed right into the furnace or central heating system to right away introduce moisture into the air quality, but what does moisture do? Well for one it makes the air feel warmer. I am able to lower my thermostat in the winter due to feeling that much more comfortable. The added moisture also is better for skin as well as health. You don’t get any of that horrible dry feeling anymore. The Maine on a humidifier is a once a year thing done by a MN heating business, so it is easy as well as not that important of a deal to make this replace.


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