Sioux Falls means that I am stuck inside a lot

Living in Sioux Falls means that I run the heating unit quite a bit.

It is frigid in my area most of the year, the heater starts up early in the day & officially never stops pumping out sizzling air.

The Summer season is short & a bit underwhelming honestly. I hardly ever get a option to crack the windows or open the door to let in a fresh breath of air. I like airing out the condo whenever possible, it just does not happen a lot… For a while I started worrying about my indoor air quality. It couldn’t be fantastic to stay cooped up with a heater on blast all the time. I found that my friend and I spend 90% of our days inside. The inside air can be up to five times more polluted than outside. Isn’t that crazy? I decided to call my Sioux Falls Heating, Ventilation, & A/C business to find out about IAQ equipment. They proposed that I purchase an media air cleaner. The air purification plan installs directly into the air duct & works to improve the breathing conditions. It removes dust, dirt, smells, & dander, but some devices can be up to 99% effective. The only snag is that there are daily air filter changes & yearly service requirements. It was a hefty investment, however it was for my health. I ended up taking the plunge with this IAQ device. I am so glad that I did. Now I don’t worry as much when the heater just keeps going & going. I have a unit that is always bringing in clean, fresh air for me to breathe in.

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