Couldn’t agree on a temperature

I graduated school & then moved to Fort Worth with my guy, and we decided to buy a house & live together for a year before getting married, i am actually blissful my pal and I did that. I realized hastily that living with him was a nightmare. We fought about a lot of things. There were troubles with cleaning, cooking, & upkeep of the house. The worst was undoubtedly the control unit wars, then our house in Fort Worth was a central HVAC system. That means there was air duct stretching room to room throughout the house, you set the control unit & then the whole house was affected by it. My guy always cranked the air conditioner no matter what. I was always cold in the house. It was so aggravating since he wouldn’t listen to me at all. I was cold. I didn’t want to wear pants during the summer. I hated that I had to wear a coat when I ate brunch. If I dared bump up the control unit he lost his mind. In the winter time I wasn’t allowed to turn on the heater. It got to the point that I was sneaking changing the control unit on him. We fought so much about heating & cooling… After my pal and I broke up I made sure to buy a arena just for me. It is my site, my control unit, & my HVAC unit. I now appreciate being able to set my own heating & cooling. I save quite a bit in the Summer since I don’t run my AC that much. In the winter time I treat myself to good heating settings.

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