Tampa is great for hockey lovers

My family is a giant time hockey player… When my great friend and I moved to FL I was at first quite devastated.

  • We were used to frigid days most of the year; Our pond would freeze and the men would skate and practice drills, however it was easy to find rinks and hockey teams for the boys.

Well after moving to Tampa, FL I thought the hockey part of our lives would be tougher… Turns out that even though FL is a hot state, there is hockey there, and first, the Tampa Bay Lightning professional hockey team is kick butt. They have won the cup recently and did a two year in a row stint. The games are consistently reasonably priced as well, but my family and I make it a mission to see at least a few games during playoff season; Since Tampa is a giant city finding ice rinks isn’t hard either. I have two sons and they are both on two teams. There is a lot of driving and practicing, and but my family legitimately likes it. It is nice having a frigid sport despite being in a hot state. I do not like the high heat and humidity. It is bearable when sitting in a frigid rink I have to say. Most of the year it is way too hot to be outside. I crank the home AC and pray for the next time I get to be in an ice rink. The winter time season in my opinion isn’t frigid enough or long enough. But I haven’t gotten used to the heat yet. That might be the kicker.

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