Taking energy saving in summer

In St, petersburg, FL, UV light, heat & humidity create significant challenges for the majority of the year, then my associate and I run the cooling system just about non stop, & the electric bill is a pressing part of the home budget, and i am consistently searching for new chances to elevate indoor comfort & air quality while reducing energy consumption… Energy Star rated windows was a pressing investment but helped to tighten up the thermal envelope.

I make sure to close curtains & blinds to prevent sunlight from not only warming up the living space but also cause fading to furnishings, the back of my home overlooks the waterfront, and for those windows, I installed window tints that block UV light without obstructing my view.

I’ve installed insulation in the attic & weatherstripping on exterior doors. The addition of ceiling fans works to create a cooling effect & reduce strain on the cooling system. I also hired a local St. Petersburg Heating & Air Conditioning professional to install a whole-condo dehumidifier. The dehumidifier pulls moisture out of the air, making it feel cooler & allows for higher control machine settings. My smart control machine also contributes to cost-savings. The unit features geofencing, which tracks the locations of family members’ smartphones & makes adjustments accordingly. It conserves energy when the house is empty & makes sure we arrive condo to perfect comfort, another energy saving measure is official cooling system service, then by having the cooling system checked, cleaned & tuned-up every Spring, I can be sure it’s operating at peak capacity, reliability & efficiency. I avoid the expense of needless repairs, pay lower energy costs & adore superior comfort & air quality.


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