Choosing a VRF system

Until fairly recently, variable refrigerant flow systems were strictly for commercial application; When my hubby & I needed to replace the heating & cooling system in our house in Springtimefield, MO, my buddy and I looked into all odd options, but my associate and I were unhappy with our forced air system & didn’t want another boiler & air conditioning combination, and after consulting with a local part HVAC corporation, my buddy and I decided on a VRF system, and this innovative option provides a good deal of particular benefits.

My associate and I liked that it’s a modular setup which allows for easy expansion or replacement of components.

The device is quite compact & the system was installed without any major renovation project or mess. The indoor air handlers are streamlined, lightweight & unobtrusive. They offer the advantages of zoned adjustment & customized settings in each room. There is no need to heat or cool empty rooms or get by with frigid or boiling conditions. With the wide swing of weather in Springtimefield, the precision control of the VRF system is especially helpful. There are times when my buddy and I require cooling while in the day & need to switch to cooling overnight. Another major perk of the VRF is the automatic adjustment of refrigerant flow. The system supplies only the exact amount of refrigerant necessary to achieve ideal comfort in each zone. This feature saves on energy consumption, avoids temperature fluctuations & keeps running costs to a minimum. Another particular perk of VRFs is the capacity for simultaneous heating & cooling. My associate and I can heat one room while cooling another, but plus, the system will utilize heat from the cooling process & use it for those rooms requiring heating.


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