Ductless split system is ideal for addition

When my spouse and I first got married, my pal and I had really little currency; My buddy and I were struggling to pay off school loans and cover car payments and insurance, but because of task opportunities, my pal and I moved directly to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, after graduating.

My buddy and I didn’t want to waste currency renting and immediately began shopping for a house to buy; While our budget was limited, my pal and I wanted a good amount of home and a safe town.

My buddy and I were able to afford our house because of the really small amount of square footage and need for replaces; The home had been left vacant for quite some time and had suffered disfigurement from a leaky roof! Its small size made remodeling quick and affordable. My buddy and I really prefer our location in Tuscaloosa, and over the years, we’ve added three teenagers, two dogs and a pet to our family. The house became rather crowded. My buddy and I decided to put on an addition big enough for each child to have their own living room. My buddy and I also wanted another lavatory, a play room and closet space. One of the biggest concerns with the addition was temperature control. Our local weather demands both heating and cooling. The existing A/C and boiler were not sized to handle the added square footage… Plus, my pal and I were reluctant to sacrifice space for HVAC duct. After some research, my pal and I chose a ductless heat pump to manage comfort in the addition. The ductless machine provides both heating and cooling. It consists of a single outdoor compressor connected by way of a conduit to numerous indoor air handlers, each of the air handlers features occupancy sensors and an independent control unit. This allows us to customize the temperature in every room.

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