Considering a new air conditioner

I have been debating on whether or not I want to replace my air conditioner.

Living in Plano, Texas, the cooling unit runs for more than half the year.

It needs to combat temperatures in the upper nineties on a regular basis. I bought my home in Plan approximately twelve years ago. The air conditioner was already installed and definitely not brand new. While it has proven especially reliable, its performance has gradually declined. Over the last couple of years, I’ve noticed that the cooling system makes a lot more noise than it used to. There is far less cool air flowing from the vents, requiring much longer run times to satisfy the thermostat setting. Because the house doesn’t feel as cool or comfortable, I am often tempted to lower the setting. My monthly electric bills are steadily more expensive. I also have concerns with indoor air quality. There are a lot more airborne contaminants circulating in the breathing air. It’s necessary to dust and vacuum far more frequently. The air conditioner has lasted much longer than expected. While I am reluctant to replace a system that is still operational, I would prefer not to wait until it fails entirely. If it quits during the middle of the night, my family will be left without air conditioning until I can get an appointment and arrange to have a new system installed. I’d be stuck with whatever cooling unit was readily available. I would like to take the time to research different makes, models and features. There are air conditioners that automatically adapt speed to maintain a very consistent indoor temperature and achieve outstanding efficiency ratings. By running at lower capacity for longer cycles, the cooling system does a better job of dehumidifying.

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